Planning For Your Family’s Special Needs

Raising children can be challenging, even in the best circumstances. But for some, the job is made more complex by mild, moderate or severe special needs. Our aim is to serve our community by helping navigate the often-complex world of financial strategies.

We know at some point, the family can no longer be the primary caregivers, and we want to help make sure individuals with special needs can continue the lifestyle and independence they deserve. We take special care to help ensure that assets are aligned and that they do not interfere with government-based assistance.

Our Focus

Our first priority is helping you navigate the various transitions you’ll face as a family with special needs. We help you:

  • Be better organized, aware and prepared for your financial future
  • Coordinate with government-based assistance
  • Strategize how to maintain the level of care and lifestyle for the child or young adult

We want to help ensure that a strategy is available, whether for yourself or your child, so that everyone is aware of the next steps toward independence.

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