Get to know Aylani Castro


Aylani Castro

Financial Professional

Aylani is a financial services professional who focuses on giving individuals the best possible guidance to reach their financial goals. Aylani has always had a passion for the industry and gets excited helping others create strategic plans that are catered to their long term goals. Because she cares about her clients, she invests time into her relationships with them and ensures their financial interests are prioritized. In addition, Aylani establishes a plan that is unique to the individual by learning what a client needs across the board. She is aware the industry is continuously developing, therefore, she is eager in always educating herself on what is changing so she can keep up with the best possible strategies. She takes time to learn about the individual and their family in order to know what their short, mid, and long-term financial goals are.

Outside of work, Aylani lives an active lifestyle and loves working out, traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and meeting new people. She is a great friend and sister, who loves being counted on in several ways.