Get to know Lamar B. Butler*


Lamar B. Butler*

Financial Representative

Lamar has spent over a decade helping families and business owners to become better informed, organized and prepared for their future financial needs.

Before joining the Midwest Legacy Group, Lamar supported clients as a financial strategist with two industry-leading mutual firms. In addition to his strong financial services background, Lamar’s previous experience as a high-frequency trader, with a focus on commodity futures, has afforded him a nontraditional market perspective.

As a father, Lamar believes that commitment to family and engagement within the community is paramount.  He has supported legislative changes and programs designed to promote workplace equality. Through his partnerships with multiple special needs organizations, Lamar has dedicated his time to helping families in these communities prepare for periods of transition.

Lamar has also cultivated strong working relationships with thriving professional women’s networks.  Even though women have been invaluable to the growth and development of countless corporations, businesses and Fortune 500 companies, they are a demographic that has been historically underserved. Lamar is committed to being a supporter for this community.

Lamar holds three degrees from his alma mater, DePaul University: a bachelor’s in advertising, a master’s in computer science with a focus on information technology, and a master’s in social science and management. During his tenure at DePaul, he was a letterman for the heavily recruited men’s basketball team and made appearances in the NIT and NCAA Tournament. Following his collegiate career, Lamar spent several seasons playing professional basketball internationally.