Get to know Nicole Olczak


Nicole Olczak

Financial Services Professional

Nicole is a financial services professional at Midwest Legacy Group. She truly believes in guiding her clients in a direction for success in their financial journey. Nicole has always had a passion for helping people and allowing them to push themselves to their full potential. It is important for Nicole to create long lasting relationships with her clients to ensure an overall great experience, as she is looking to work long term with individuals. Allowing her clients to make the financial decisions is crucial in the financial process because she wants them to take control, as it is a collaboration.

Nicole interned at Midwest Legacy Group for the summer before her senior year in college. She is currently finishing up her senior year at the University of Iowa majoring in finance with a certificate in event management.

Outside of work, Nicole stays active whether it’s at the gym or staying social with her friends and loved ones. Nicole values loyalty and commitment from herself and from people close to her, which is reflected through her financial services work.