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Samuel Pagan

Samuel Pagan

Entrepreneur, Business Development, Financial Professional, Capital Raising

Samuel Pagan has worked as a business growth and finance professional for over 13+ years in leadership positions in niche management consultancies, working with private and public clients across multiple sectors including healthcare business development, education, real estate, construction, franchise development, food service and local government. His experience, wide range knowledge of frameworks and approach in organizational development that includes capital raising for business start-up, acquisitions, mergers, business plan writing, forensic finance, risk management, financial forecasting, public speaking, networking, marketing, sales, management team building, change management, process improvement, lean system thinking and supply chain collaboration, makes him extremely valuable to any organization that require his skill set.

Samuel’s experiences and knowledge have led him to create a Healthcare financial services and business development company called FundingDocs LLC in 2016 that serves healthcare entrepreneurs, private healthcare investors and commercial bankers nationwide.

Today FundingDocs is the leader in helping healthcare businesses identify, understand, and secure a solution for business growth. As healthcare entrepreneurs identify a need for a business solution, Samuel’s company steps in to help navigate exactly how to successfully accomplish that goal at peak performance.

Since the conception of FundingDocs LLC Samuel has worked on over 50 successful healthcare business development and capital raise projects which range from helping private medical and dental practices, healthcare tech entrepreneurs, ground up hospital and medical center projects across the United States. Samuel’s goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs are well informed about the business development strategies and financial services available to help run a thriving business.